Venray Remembers Package

This Venray Remembers Package brings you to Venray, what happened here in the Second World War should never be forgotten. With unique images and personal stories, Venray Remembers shows the special war history of the municipality of Venray and the surrounding area. The story and experience of the Second World War is essential in this package and you will notice this as soon as you arrive at our hotel. Here you will receive information and videos about the Overloon War Museum, so that you can get in the right atmosphere for the museum that you are going to visit during your stay. During your visit to the war museum you will experience the history of the Second World War. Two days of bicycle rental and a packed lunch are included in this package. Are you going for an impressive and long route or will it be an interesting and easy bike ride through the beautiful nature? With the Venray Remembers cycle route which you get with this package, you will experience that there is a lot to see and do here under the sign of war and history.

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€ 229,50 p.p.

  • Two Overnight stay in a Comfort room
  • Present in the room from the war museum
  • 2x Extensive breakfast buffet
  • 2x A well-prepared 3-course dinner dinner
  • Welcome envelope;
  • Welcome letter from Asteria & War Museum
    • QR code with video of the War Museum
    • Entrance ticket to the war museum
  • Venray Remembers bicycle route map
  • Welcome at the war museum with a cup of coffee / tea
  • 2 days Bicycle rental
  • 1 day a packed lunch

Before booking, please check the availability of the entrance tickets at the War Museum. Let us know when you would like to visit the museum, so we can reserve the tickets for you.

Venray Remembers Package hotel Asteria